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Hi every one. March 20, 2020 and I’ve decided to extend my spring sale until Sunday , April 5. It a great sale with all my jacket and jacket orders are 20% off My cool music and other themed shirts are $65. and my hats are on sale for $15. (it only costs $2. to ship a hat). On Saturday March 21 I’ll have a pop-up sales area set up at the farm I’m on from noon till 5 pm. Lots of space to do the social distance thing while you check out my very cool clothing . I’ll even have a $5. hat table set up. I can send you some pictures if you’d like. Address is 1465 Cowichan Bay rd. on beautiful Vancouver Island. My phone number is still 250-416-1155  or toll free 1-800-4426446. Other tan Saturday March 21 my hours are by appointment only. Let me Stitch you a look I’m still doing free housesitting and I’m back on Vancouver Island.

Hello to everyone and welcome to my world.  Please enjoy my website.  I try to keep it updated each week as to what festivals, fairs and events that  I’m setting up at.

My main thing at the moment is Musicians Stagewear and Music Themed Attire as well as my great Ladies Line and lots of hats .  I’m now making Facinators for your hair too  .  They are so much fun.  Neck Coolers too of course and wholesale inquiries are welcome

Come and see me in my studio or phone me   …My hours are by appointment…

I’m going to have some contests and customer stories coming up too. What fun…Do you have a great photo of you in my clothes? Please e-mail it to me and I could put it in my customer link page. How about a great story?

If you’d like to check out some of my Musicians Stage Wear please go to Her Clothing and scroll down to Musical Attire,  That page gives a slight taste of what I’m up to, or click on to my different dates on my Calender to the right and I have pictures with my events posted.  My facebook page does too.  “Jan Donaldson”    Orders are always welcome.

Jan-InterludeTapestryIn 2020 I’m celebrating my 41 years of living the life of a craftsperson. Wow!!. Quite a feat…. “Imagination in Stitchery “ is how I look at my work and business. I’m so lucky to have discovered early on what would become a life time passion and job and would take me to wonderful places and meet fabulous people.  In my creating I made a quilted wall hanging called “Tide Change in Paradise”
. It is 14′ 2” wide by 6′ 2” high and draws your eye into the rich colours, textures and glitz of this ocean landscape. It depicts the beauty of the west coast with sunset, distant mountains, incredible ocean and my “Jan Trees” as my customers call them, dark statuesque silk velvet silhouettes. A photo just doesn’t show the magic of this piece. Sigh!. The hand applique work reflects my whimsical look and love of life,music, the ocean, gardens and the world around me. I realize now that I could create bigger still if I wanted. Any orders?
I’m having a blast designing and sewing up muscians stagewear and performance wear of all types this year. My shirts and jackets are on stages and streets all over the world. My booths at festivals like “Roots and Blues” in Salmon Arm B.C. And “ Music Fest” in Comox B.C. and many others give me contacts with so many world travelling musicians.
As part of this music line I have been taking wonderful men’s suit jackets and hand stitching them into wonderful unique street or stage wear jackets For the past number of years I’ve had the privilege of designing and creating stagewear for musicians, magicians, clowns, strippers, ventriloquists dummies and many others. I love a challenge.
Tidal Change in Paradise Wall Hanging

Tidal Change in Paradise Wall Hanging

My other passion is clothing for kids and adults, and hats, hats and more hats. I first started as a quilter, and then changing into clothing designer which incorporates my love of applique with whimsical designs for kids and adults.
Suit Jackets with Music Motifs

Suit Jackets with Music Motifs

Throughout the years, I have done almost every major show across Canada, including the “Salon des Metiers d’Art” in Montreal (my first show), “One of a Kind” in Toronto, “Circle Craft” in Vancouver, and Filberg Festival” in Comox, BC. Now I find myself doing more music festivals with my music themed clothing and hats.
I have ALSO taught all over, including hosting my own television series for three years, “Jan Donaldson’s Quilted World” in Montreal, and received an “Excellence in Programming” Award for it. I also taught in the Provincial Museum in Edmonton and Adult Education in Quebec.
Whimsical hand appliqued tapestry

Whimsical hand appliqued tapestry

Check out my current wall hangings here
My main line is the incredibly comfortable clothing for men, women and children – 100% cotton, machine wash and dry:
  • KIDS: dresses, reversible jackets, animal pants, and hats . . . hats . . . hats. . .
  • MEN: wonderful short-sleeve shirts, reversible jackets, vests, and one of a kind Appliqued Jackets, Music Shirts
  • WOMEN: dresses, Comfie Coats, Bolero Jackets, vests, reversible jackets. Hand-Appliqued Jackets, and hats. . . hats . . . hats. . .
  • Special Orders are Invited. . .
  • Products with logos for festivals and events
  • Stage wear
  • Clown wear
  • Appliqued Evening Wear
  • Back Drops
  • Hand-stitched Appliques on your existing garments
  • Wall hanings
Or challenge me – you never know!
Now I travel across the country to Craft Shows and doing “Home Parties” Music Festivals, Farmers Market and Craft Shows
Or you can visit my new studio in Duncan on Vancouver Is..
HI TO ALL MY OLD FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS. Please drop me an email via CONTACT or  jandonaldsondesigns@gmail.com and say hi.and let me know where you are now

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