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Jan Donaldson’s musicians stagewear at the “3rd Saturday” music Jam

March 11th, 2010
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Muscians shirts in my stock for sale at $60.front of 3 jackets on sale, 2 outside for $200. each and the center one for $100.
Jan with some of her latest creations
Jan with some of her latest creations

Hi, Come and join me at one of my favourite music  jams of the month. I’ll have my muscians Stagewear set up there. I have a fabulous sale going on too.  It’s the best kept secret around .  This month will be hosted by my favourite “Mexican Buss Ride”   The jam is at the Lion’s Den just before ShawnaganLake and a little tricky to find so I’m including directions [below]  $5. cover and byob,  coffee provided.  The host band and friends will keep you dancing  from 9 to 1 or 2 in the morning.I’ll have my muscians stage wear set up there from 9pm till the end.  call me for more info 250-743-8845.  Here are the directions;  from the highwway just north of Mill Bay turn up Shawnigan/Mill Bay Rd and go past the rec centre, past the storage place until you see a sign for a B &B that tells you to turn right…That rd is Cameron Taggart so turn right and an IMMEDIATE LEFT up a dark driveway [yup, thats us] then,  go around to the front of the building. and you are there. the driveway is dark and doesn’t look like we are happening but we are….   Save a dance for me…  Jan  250-743-8845

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